Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Outfit | Girl, Interrupted

Shirt: Glassons  Jumper: Gift   Skirt: Glassons  Socks: Farmers  Shoes: Forever 21  Bag: Glassons

Wore this to watch Million Dollar Arm with the fam-bam and a few friends during the weekend. I don't really know why I look as though I've taken drugs but I swear I'm not that kind of gal. The movie was really good, it's definitely worth a watch. 
I'm starting to wear my black skater skirt again, very religiously might I add. I forgot how well it goes with everything. It's definitely skirt season for me. I also love my shirt, it's the most comfortable thing on the planet, I just found this look to go really well together. It's been added to one of my favourites!

Until next time!


  1. That is a really cute, simple outfit! The editing in the pictures is great, too!