Saturday, February 8, 2014

Outfit | Guilt Trip

Top: Jay Jays  Pants: Glassons  Coat: Papebag Princess  Boots: Hannah's  Sunglasses: Jay Jays

Why don't we just excuse my extreme laziness/anti-socialness to not go out anywhere and henceforth have nowhere to wear nice outfits to and also, the weather has been unconditionally windy lately making me in a "sweat pants" mood. 
These pants have been an absolute favourite of mine, chic yet very comfortable; It was easy to dress up with them too instead of just keeping them as home clothes.  Another thing I love about these pants are how they are so light with the see-through chiffon genie pants and then silk shorts underneath. 
My other obsession so far is jewellery; I honestly wear so much 'bling bling' it probably blinds the people I'm with. I love/hate this earring, the weight and the comfort of it is not the best but it looks amazing! 
For me, it's birthday season! Nearly all of my friend's birthdays are coming up, guess who's going to be broke after buying presents for everyone? Me! My birthday is coming up soon too, it's my Sweet Sixteenth and let's just all hope it turns out as sweet as birthday cake.

Hope you all have a lovely week!