Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Outfit | Reminisces

Top: Jay Jays  Jeans: Topshop  Shoes: Converse  Headband: Unknown (Old)  Bag: Glassons

Spent the day with Shruthi, it was supposed to be a chill day at home where we watch The Wolf of Wall Street but then we got into my headband collection and decided to go headband shopping at Botany. We didn't end up shopping at Botany but instead take selfies on Shruthi's laptop, we are the ultimate cool kids. 
How come no one wears headbands these days? It's super Blair Waldorf, super classy and super cute. This look is kind of a 'stay at home mom' kind of look or just a really nice outfit for a laid-back day. 
These boyfriend jeans are a little bit annoying because of the rips right on the knee, I can't sit down without them breaking apart or looking like a hobo.

Hope you all have a lovely week!


  1. If I could look good wearing headbands, I would totally rock them outside haha! Still in disbelief how you can actually pull anything off (to which you and Seryna share that same trait hehe). And those jeans, from Topshop?! Were they ridiculously pricey?

    1. I try to wear as many different types of clothing as possible, trust me not all of them work out and they remain unseen ;) and yes! My sister bought them for me as a christmas present but they were around $80 which is honestly ridiculous!

  2. You look great :) The head band is a great touch ♥

  3. wow... so cute!!!